Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snapd on New Year's Eve

In the past I took photos under Ed's name, with SVPhotography. Now, though, I'm taking photos for Snapd as well.

One of the first events I did for Snapd was on New Year's Eve--at The Office Pub at Queen and John, and at the Mariposa Gala New Year's Eve cruise. It was not the first time I've worked on New Year's Eve; I have crystal clear memories of working all night and submitting my first published article on NYE shortly before midnight. But it was the first time I had worked downtown on NYE.

I arrived at the harbour around 7pm in the subzero cold. It was about -10C. They weren't letting people on the ship just yet, but luckily the little mall across the road was open, and that's where the guests-to-be hung out. It was c.o.l.d. down there on the Harbourfront. Luckily the crew were attired properly for their subzero cruise!

 SnapdQueen article
2014.12.31 Lee, Duncan (Captain), Mike & Stewart
I have the women's version of that North Face jacket that Mike is wearing above. I think it's exactly the same but with a belt. You know, to define one's hourglass figure.

I felt slightly melancholy about the ship because my dad's family has such a history of working on boats; it felt appropriate somehow that this was my first Snapd job. And indeed the boat cut a sharp figure too.

Look how twinkly that boat looks with the condos in the background...

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