Monday, January 5, 2015

Sharing datasets!

So we're coming to the end of the process of editing our special issue of Digital Philology - it will be ready to go a few weeks (as in, now, yesterday, tomorrow, as soon as possible). And finally we're investigating how we can share data online - I mean, big datasets - things that didn't fit in the issue's articles. And the answer, I think, is Figshare. This was suggested to me a while back by someone at Instructional Technologies at Yale. I didn't sign up for it because what I want to do with the lyrics database (crowdsource! public access!) is somewhat different. I don't want people just to view the finished data but actually to be able to work in the database. But certainly figshare is a way to share Excel datasets and other databases, things that are just far too large to go in a journal article. It might be a good way also for me to share screenshots and working ideas about the lyrics database - though I'm not sure what the benefits are other than blogging, so far.

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